Our Staff

At Mental Healrhcare of Cullman, our best asset is our staff. We employee staff from every walk of life, all with varying backgrounds, education, and training. Staff are caring and respectful, and have the client's best interest at heart. Our staff are well trained, and as a result are able to offer the most current treatment options in order to help clients improve mental health and solve problems. Find out more by reviewinng the staff roles highlighted below:


In general, the psychiatrist manages the medications and gives input in the overall care of the client. Every client has an individualized diagnosis that is approved by our psychiatrist. We also have a Nurse Practioner who sees clients and can provide most of the same services as the psychiatrist.


The nurse works with the doctor to follow through on the treatment plan, especially in medication issues. The nurse has immediate, direct access to the doctor and works with the client to address any medication or side-effect issues.

Program Directors

We offer services for every life situation -- from children to older adult; from major mental illnesses to substance abuse issues. Many of these situations are distinct and need unique interventions. Therefore, each program is managed by a Program Direct with the experience and specialized training needed to ensure the clients receive the best possible services.


Each client is assigned a therapist to manage the treatment and provide individualized counseling services. All therapists have a Masters degree in counseling, social work, psychology, or a similar field. Many of our therapists also hold special licenses as a result of their specialized training and experience.

Case Managers

We provide a number of case managers who are knowledgable of the area and available resources. Many times the case manager is able to assist the client in locating resources and in completing the paperwork or process needed to obtain additional services.

Mental Health Techs

Some programs employ mental health technicans who work with the client and therapist to help the client reach their treatment goals. Techs assist clients in learning effective skills for coping with their life situation. In addition, they work with clients to help them learn the skills needed in live in the community -- things like money management, hoseskeeping skills, and shopping skills.

Recent Comments

". . . a place I can come to get the support I need to learn to deal and cope with my illness."

"mental health is a life saver to me."

"It is a place of acceptance. You don't have to be worried about being looked down on at the mental health center."

". . . my therapist, nurse, and the receptionist are always there to help when I need them. "

"When I have symptoms, there are people to talk to and get things off my chest.."

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