Frequently Asked Questions . . . and Answers

How do I start?

Call 256-255-1020. You will speak with a staff person who will take information regarding your needs. If you qualify for services, you will be assigned to a therapist for a comprehensive assessment. Services are designed based on your individual needs.

What does it cost?

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, PEEHIP, SEIB, Healthspring, and All-Kids insurance. Fees for children without insurance and adults that meet the state criteria for Serious Mental Illness are based on a sliding scale.

What is a mental health center?

Mental health centers are independent local agencies which were originally developed to help treat people with mental illness in their home community rather than in state hospitals. Over the years, the services offered through mental health centers have been expanded to include child and adolescent services, and substance abuse treatment. It is important to know that mental health centers are not state agencies. They are supported through a range of sources such as local support, grants, service contracts, and insurances. Costs to clients are kept as low as possible.

What do I do if I suspect my child has been abused?

If you have any suspicion that your child has been abused you should contact the Department of Human Resources at 256 737-5300. They will assess what happened and make any referrals needed to help your child cope.

Can you help my child cope with a divorce?

We can help your child adjust to life after a divorce. Emotional turmoil is a often a natural reaction but can cause problems for kids at home and at school. We do not provide parental fitness or other recommendations regarding custody disputes.

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