Adult Services

We realize that people seek help when life is not going well. Problems do not often resolve themselves in a day or two. So our vision for our clients is a healthy future. It takes effort and cooperation to get there. So if you may be struggling with the symptoms or effects of a mental illness, let us work together with you towards your healthy tomorrow!

Engaging in the process of treatment is critical to the life change that is often called 'recovery'. Recovery is possible for everyone living a mental illness, no matter the diagnosis or severity. People with serious mental illnesses can and do live satisfying, fulfilling, and functional lives. Recovery is an individual process and our services have been designed with that in mind.

For more information, you can contact the Program Director.

We offer many services for adults

Outpatient Services

Clients receiving outpatient therapy often find that they can manage problems more effectively after only a few sessions. Your counselor will be the hub of your treatment team and work with you to set and achieve your goals

In-Home Services

The In-Home Team consists of a therapist and case manager. Both work intensively outside the office with clients at risk for hospitalization. They make frequent visits to the home and can help clients reduce or eliminate the need for return to a psychiatric hospital.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is sometimes utilized to help process problems and experiences with a therapist and a group of people experiencing similar issues who can learn from each other. People often report that a major benefit of the group is realizing they are not alone.

Day Program

The RDP operates Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. The program focuses on illness management and recovery. Some people attend daily; others only attend once per week.

How does it work?

First time appointments are scheduled by calling our Access Department at 256-255-1020, or submitting our quick and easy online form.

At the first appointment, a therapist will complete a thorough symptom evaluation and history.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, the therapist will provide recommendations for treatment. This may include therapy, case management, or a referral to the psychiatrist.

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